Carpet 911: How to Clean Carpet Stains (and Get Your Security Deposit Back)

February 5, 2019 by 360 Precision Cleaning

how to clean carpet


Believe it or not, approximately 36.6 percent of households rent their home. That means millions of people across the United States pay a security deposit when they move in to cover any potential damage to the property.


If you move out without taking care of minor repairs, your landlord gets to keep that security deposit. They’ll use the money for repairs.


The only way to get your security deposit back is to make sure the house is in great shape when you leave.


And nothing shows wear and tear like your carpet. The cleaner your carpet is when you move out, the better.


Wondering how to clean carpet stains quickly? Here’s how to get rid of some of the most common stains.


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Beverage Spills


No matter how careful you are, beverages always seem to slosh over the side of your cup. When you let them soak into the carpet, the stains can set and be incredibly difficult to remove.


The best way to get rid of coffee, wine, tea, and juice stains is to pick them up as soon as they happen.


Grab a cloth and blot up the liquid thoroughly. Then, spritz the stain with clean warm water and continue to blot it up until the discoloration fades.


If the stain has set, use a gentle dish detergent or carpet cleaning solution and brush the area with a soft cloth. This should work the stain out of the fibers.


Dirt and Mud


Dirt and mud can stain your carpet just as easily as beverages. But these stains are also much easier to stay on top of.


Vacuum your carpets at least once a week or anytime you notice dirt coming off your shoes.


The sooner you pick up the debris, the less likely it is to settle into the fibers of the rug.


Blood, Ink, and Easy-to-Spread Stains


Unfortunately, some stains spread around when you try to clean them. The key is to get rid of these carpet stains the right way.


For blood stains, use cool water and diluted dish detergent to lift the stains out of the fibers. Blot the area gently and make sure not to rub at the stain itself. This will cause it to spread.


For ink stains from pens and markers, grab a clean cloth and wet it with rubbing alcohol. Gently blot the stain with the alcohol-soaked cloth.


Remember, if you scrub at it, the stain will spread and you’ll have to clean a larger area.


If at all possible, try to clean the stain immediately. When these substances soak into the carpet, getting it clean is that much harder.


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Stubborn or Large Stains

Of course, some stains may be too stubborn to remove on your own. And luckily, you don’t have to.


Before you move out, schedule a carpet cleaning appointment and let an experienced professional get rid of those unwanted stains.


They’ll be able to get your carpet cleaner and ready for your landlord’s inspection in no time.


Wondering How to Clean Carpet Stains Before You Move?


Spare yourself the stress and hours of internet research to see how to clean carpet stains on your own. Contact us for a free estimate and let our experts help you get your security deposit back.


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