Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Service Before Selling Your Home

March 9, 2021 by 360 Precision Cleaning

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If you’re planning on selling your house in Arizona this year, you’ll probably be waiting three months before you close a deal. And that’s if you achieve what’s considered ‘average’.

Plenty of AZ homeowners in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and places in between wait endlessly for qualified offers. They then labor through a long closing period, and even then, some deals fall through.

While there are several strategies agents employ to condense a home’s time on the market, one often overlooked weapon in a seller’s arsenal is hiring a professional cleaning service before listing.

Professional cleaners bring several benefits to the homes they touch that can do wonders for a property’s marketability. Below, we get into the nitty-gritty of all the advantages you’ll enjoy when you make your house shine before showing it off to the world.

You’ll Exhibit Your House in Its Best Light

People that buy homes aren’t that imaginative. That’s not meant to be disrespectful to home buyers, but let’s be honest—realtors spend thousands of dollars staging houses for one reason:

They want people to be able to see the possibilities.

If a prospective buyer comes into your house and sees a home that’s at worst dirty, or at best, DIY-tidied (aka ‘lived-in’), you’re going to have trouble pulling offers. That’s especially true when compared to the kind of impressions you could be leaving if your house looked brand new thanks to a professional cleaning service stepping in.

Move out cleaning service customers in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Paradise Valley agree that by adding an aura of professionalism to their home’s aesthetic, they elicit more positivity from buyers.

See for yourself what a deep cleaning can do for your home!

Wipe Out Camouflaged Odors

Believe it or not, your sense of smell is more closely linked with memory than any other sense. With that in mind, ask yourself whether a prospective buyer that walks into your house will have a positive impression on the odors they encounter or a negative one.

Most people are confident their home odors are pleasant, or that they don’t have odors at all. You’d be surprised to learn that pervasive odors have the unfortunate ability to fade into the background.

Odors that don’t register with you may very well register with buyers. If those odors rub people the wrong way, say goodbye to leaving a positive impression.

Professional cleaning services reliably get rid of bad odors. Even the ones you’ve gone ‘nose blind’ to.

Champion Health Consciousness

While they’re not the super spreader pathway that experts originally feared them to be, surfaces can still transmit COVID-19. Given how cautious people are being with the virus, cleaning your home professionally before selling does two things:

First, it showcases to buyers that you care about their health and safety, creating a deeper sense of trust. Second, professional cleaning can, in fact, reduce the possibility of transmission. This can help save lives.

Both of those benefits, in our opinion, are worth investing in.

Invest Your Time More Intelligently

Anybody can pick up supplies, commit a day to cleaning, and do an okay job on a house. Granted, DIY-cleans pale in comparison to what you can expect from teams like ours that have collective decades of experience making homes and offices shine.

Still, managing a job yourself is possible.

However, what many of our clients come to realize after investing in their first professionally managed clean is the amount of time they save.

Let’s say you’re selling your house because you’re relocating. You have a move to coordinate. You have utilities to cut off. Perhaps you’re even looking into a school for your kids.

Say you’re an investor selling a home after a flip. You have marketing you need to manage, or at the very least, other properties you can be investigating for future projects.

All of those tasks require time. Time you shouldn’t waste cleaning before and between showings.

Build Your Network of Contacts

Professional and amateur home sellers alike benefit from extending their network. By bringing on cleaning professionals, you do exactly that!

From one perspective, getting to know a great cleaner in Arizona means having a team you can rely on time and again when future projects arise.

From another perspective, cleaners work on properties all over the city. If you’re an investor, perhaps the person cleaning your house can connect you with sellers that previously did a “move out clean” and are now looking for buyers.

The bottom line is that the possibilities are endless when you expand the people in your circle. Having been involved with cleaning homes and offices for people all across the state for years, our team at 360 Precision Cleaning can tell you that the people we work with are glad to have us close by.

The Perfect Arizona-Based Professional Cleaning Service Is a Call Away

We hope that by this point, we’ve sold you on the idea of hiring a professional cleaning service when moving out of or selling a home. Now comes the part where you have to choose which service you’ll invest in.

If you ask us, that question is a no-brainer!

Our team at 360 Precision Cleaning offers outstanding prices, an array of services, and guarantees the quality of our work. To top it off, booking an appointment online is easy.

Don’t take our word for it though. See for yourself!

Book your Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, or Paradise Valley cleaning with us now to take advantage of our best rates.