7 Tips for Hiring a House Cleaner in Scottsdale

April 4, 2019 by 360 Precision Cleaning

hiring a house cleaner


You’re busy as it is. You work all day then come home to care for your family.


Then there are household chores. How are you going to get it all done? It’s exhausting to think about it. You can hire a house cleaner to help with those chores.


Hiring a house cleaner can be a tricky prospect. You’re letting someone into your home, which can open you up to a vulnerable situation. Not only that, but you need a housekeeper who can do a great job.


How do you know that you’re hiring a house cleaner who’s discreet and does a great job? Read on to find out.


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1. What’s Important to You?


When choosing a house cleaning company, you have to start with yourself and identify your needs. Do you want someone to come in every couple of weeks for a quick once-over? Do you need a house cleaner who can come to you every week and do the deep cleaning that you weren’t able to get to?


Another common situation that requires the help of a cleaning service is when you move out of a rental. You know that you need to leave the home in spotless condition to ensure that you’ll get the deposit back.


You also want to know in advance what rooms are the most important to clean. Knowing what else is important to you is an important factor in finding the right company. For example, a cleaner that uses environmentally-safe cleaning products can be very important to you.


That’s a major point to consider as you’re finding a house cleaner. A company that offers green cleaning products shares the same values and concerns about the environment as you.


2. Start Searching


Once you know what you need, ask around for referrals and start searching online. You’re likely to come across a few of the same companies that have great reviews and reputations.


Once you get a few names, you can then take the next steps to compare them. You’ll want to visit their website to make sure they have the look and feel of a professional company.


Pick up the phone and call these prospective house cleaning services. You’ll get a feel for their customer service and knowledge of their services. If you get a good feeling from their services, invite them to your home for an estimate or interview.


3. Are They Licensed and Insured?


In Arizona, house cleaning services don’t need to have a business license to operate. They’re not heavily regulated and don’t have to be licensed or bonded to operate.


Hiring a house cleaner that is licensed and bonded adds a layer of professionalism that you can count on and trust. That can instill confidence in you, so you know that you’re dealing with a reputable company.


Not only that, but you know that your home is protected if there was an accident in the home.


4. Interview Prospective Cleaning Companies


You’ll want to interview potential companies in your home. Some cleaning companies may offer a free estimate, while others charge for going to your home.


You’ll want to know more about the company you’re dealing with. Ask them how long they’ve been in business for? How many clients do they work with? How do they prefer to work with clients? What do they value most about the customer relationship?


Their answers will give you insight as to how much customer service means to them. That’s an indication of how you’ll be treated as a client.


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5. Do a Background Check


You’ll want to do a background check on the company that you hire if they don’t already perform background checks on their employees.


That is a way to put your safety and security as a top priority.


6. Get Clear on Expectations


When you hire a cleaning company, communication is incredibly important. You’ll need to communicate exactly what you want and expect from your house cleaning service.


Cleaning companies will often offer a basic level of service depending on the number of rooms. They’ll add on services like cleaning windows, blinds, and baseboards.


You want to ask upfront what is included in the basic package, and what is considered to be an add-on charge. This will save you from an awkward and aggravating situation later on.


Top cleaning companies will be fully transparent in the services that they offer and their pricing. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you book your appointment.


If you have to ask about add-on services, make sure that you get a straightforward answer.


7. You Get What You Pay For


It can be very tempting to hire a house cleaner that offers the lowest rate. In this type of instance, you are almost certainly going to get what you pay for.


Someone who is undercharging for their services is unlikely to have the infrastructure in place to have a thriving business. They’re unlikely to be able to afford insurance. They could be working under the table for cash.


That will put your home and belongings at risk if something were to happen while they’re cleaning your home. There’s a good chance you’ll have no accountability and no recourse if something happens. 


Paying more for house cleaning services gives you peace of mind. You’re dealing with a professional and thorough cleaning service that is going to go above and beyond to keep you as a client. The cleaning industry has a high client turnover rate, and they know the value of excellent service. 


Ready to Hire a House Cleaner?


Hiring a house cleaner is a decision you don’t want to take lightly. You’re putting your trust in a company to help you manage your home or help you manage moving out of your home. 


Hiring the right company does take time to get it right. You want to make sure that your home is protected by insurance just in case something happens. 


Are you ready to hire a house cleaner? Book your cleaning appointment today.


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