How Airbnb Cleaning Services Maximize Your Short-Term Rental Profit

May 2, 2019 by 360 Precision Cleaning

airbnb cleaning services


How does the idea of making more than $900 a month in passive income sound?


If you’re an Airbnb host, you could stand to rake this in on a regular basis, and even more depending on where you live and what your property is like. 


Yet, you could just as easily bring home $0.00 a month, your short-term rental property sitting vacant, if you make the wrong moves. 


Pour your attention into the right places, and you’ll maximize your earning potential through the online hospitality platform, which has skyrocketed in recent years.


One area in which to focus your efforts? Cleaning. 


If you’re running over to your rental property every morning to rush through cleaning before the next guest arrives, chances are you’re doing a half-hearted job. You’re also stressed to the max, with little personal time. 


Today, we’re sharing how Airbnb cleaning services can take away this stress, improve your guest feedback and help you inch closer to that nearly $1,000 monthly payout. 


Ready to learn more? Let’s go!


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Happy Guests Equal More Money 


Put simply, the likelihood of you nabbing all of those coveted five stars on your Airbnb host rating lessens when guests arrive to find a dirty bathroom and a sink full of dishes. 


Happy, satisfied guests leave rave reviews and ones that are less than impressed don’t hesitate to say so. While the former is important, it’s the latter that holds more weight. 


Research shows that when a customer has a negative experience with your business, 86% of them won’t come back again. Then, not only will they take their complaint online, but they’ll also tell nine to 15 other people what happened.


From there, it takes 40 positive experiences to undo the damage that their negative one caused. 


Don’t set yourself up for a mark against your property by leaving it disheveled or partway cleaned. Investing in Airbnb cleaning services helps you eliminate the risk that an unhappy renter will shout from the rooftops (or at least the internet forum) that your place is unkempt.


You Can Reimburse the Cost


The Airbnb platform allows you to charge guests a cleaning fee on top of the amount you charge to rent the space.


This is a one-time payment that you can use to reimburse yourself for the time you spend scrubbing and wiping. Or, you can use it to pay a professional company to do the dirty work for you. 


When considered this way, you have nothing to lose. Not only are you raking in profit thanks to a spic-and-span property, but you’re also making enough to cover the cost of those services without digging into your own pocket. 


Conversely, if you handle the work yourself, you’ll likely undercharge guests what your time is worth. Even if you request the standard $50 fee, think about how much personal time you’re spending on the property, as well as the equipment and materials required to keep it up.


Chances are, $50 per stay doesn’t come close to what you’re pouring out, though you’ll be hard-pressed to charge much more unless the cleaning is exceptional. If you are renting out an entire house expect to pay upwards of between $150 to $400 depending on the number of rooms, if laundry is included, etc.


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Superhost Status Boosts Visibility


As you leverage professional cleaning services and start seeing your rental requests uptick, you’ll be on your way toward becoming an Airbnb Superhost. Created in 2016, this program rewards hosts who meet the following criteria:


  • Host at least 10 stays per year
  • Maintain a 90% or higher guest response rate
  • Have a minimum of 80% five-star reviews
  • Rarely cancel confirmed reservations


If you can achieve these metrics, Airbnb will upgrade your placement in search results, improve your booking conversions and label you as a Superhost. This increased visibility translates into more profit.


Those five-star reviews and 10 annual stays don’t create themselves. Your guests have to be impressed enough to do them. A clean property sets the stage for a positive rental experience from the second they step foot in the door, bringing you even closer to that coveted Superhost designation.


You’ll Improve Your Turnover Rate


Especially if you live an hour or more away from your rental property, it may be impossible for you to get there at the end of every stay and leave it spotless in time for another renter to come in right afterward. 


As such, you may be forced to block off certain times of the month to designate as cleaning days. For instance, you may only make your rental available from Thursday through Monday, leaving Tuesday and Wednesday void so you can get by and pick the place up.


When you hire a professional cleaner to go in for you, you can improve your turnover rate and even book back-to-back rentals with ease. And of course, the more people you have booking with you, or the longer stays you can accommodate, the greater your income will be. 


Earn More with Airbnb Cleaning Services


Whether you’re a veteran host on the platform or you’re just starting out, it’s never too late to incorporate Airbnb cleaning services into your rental package. 


When you make the decision to do so, you help improve your guest experience, become a recognized leader in your space, and increase your rental frequency.


At the end of the day, all of those perks mean more money.


Ready to stop spending all your spare time wiping counter tops, vacuuming rugs and mopping floors? Want to reclaim your peace of mind and make this gig work for you?


That’s where we come in.


We’re a professional cleaning service specializing in residential, rental and commercial properties. No matter the size of the job (or the mess), we have the expertise, experience, and tools to take care of it. 


Schedule a cleaning today and start realizing your true potential as an Airbnb top earner. 



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